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Article: Clean Your Brushes

Clean Your Brushes

Clean Your Brushes

Quite surprisingly, I still get asked all the time about how do I clean my makeup brushes?

I get it; it is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of contraptions on the market these days.

If it doesn't automatically swipe, spin or scrub your brushes, is it even getting the job done?! 

Don't get me wrong, you need to do what suits you [ you do you boo ] but, the routine that I have stuck to for the last 20 years is sooooo easy and cheap [winner]. I can't lie; I still have brushes from when I started doing professional makeup when I was 18.

"My personal favourite is the foaming cleanser from Aldi"

I like to keep it simple! All you need is a towel, your brushes, a glass of warm water and some cleanser. 

My personal favourite is the foaming cleanser from Aldi. Do yourself a favour and pop on down to Aldi to grab one. You're basically saving yourself money by doing this. 

  1. Grab an old or dark towel
  2. Glass or bowl of warm water
  3. A drop of cleanser 
  4. One brush at a time, swirl the brush around the product
  5. Rinse the brush in fresh water [ be sure to squeeze the brush back into shape
  6. Lay it on your dark towel to dry 

Top tips!

Keep refreshing the water so that your brushes get a good clean.

Don't leave your brushes sitting in soapy water to soak. You will end up softening the glues in the head of your brush and eventually making them ready for the bin.

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M. x

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