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Article: CC or BB - What's the difference?

CC or BB - What's the difference?

CC or BB - What's the difference?

I know how hard it can be to find the perfect CC, BB or foundation.

So when I found the right one, I knew that I had to stock it.


I use these daily and on my clients, and I always am asked the same question - What is the difference between a CC Cream, BB Cream and Foundation? Don't worry, I've got you! and they are all in stock online now.


Here is everything you need to know. 


CC = Colour Correction - Naked Glow by Curtis Collection

This is your lightest coverage type.


Think of a natural dewy glow finish; the purpose of a CC is to blend out and even our skin tone and calm redness. 


 If you don't like wearing makeup or want a light, fresh look for the weekends? This is your hit; we all have one of these on standby. 

The extra bonus with this CC is that it's oil free and SPF 20.


BB - Beauty Balm - Naked Glow by Curtis Collection


BB sits between CC and Foundation coverage.


This is a foundation with built-in primers and moisturisers. Oh and this one is an SPF 30. Hell yeh!!!! 


Your top 3 in one. An absolute go-to with buildable coverage and just dust over with a powder to set for all-day wear.


If spending precious time on applying and blending foundation is not your thang then this is your gal. 

Like I said, a step up from the CC and one step below and full coverage foundation.


Foundation - Matte Perfection by Curtis Collection

The. Next. Level!

This is your ultimate level of foundation and it's Oil-Free Mineral Makeup.


It's still easy to apply with a little more coverage but a dewy, glowing finish. 


I reach for this Oil-free Mineral Makeup anytime I am heading for a night out.


A little bonus is that a sample of this will come your way with any beauty purchase.


What do I personally use?

The light shades in the CC and BB both suit my skin tone, and in the Matte Perfection, I use the Tender Beige. You can always darken them up with your bronzer. It's so damn easy.

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