Here is to Tea in 20 !

Seeing out 2019 is for some a celebration of putting painful times of that year behind them but lets face it, every year has its painful parts and its happy parts, it just depends on how much of the pain you hold onto when you know that a shift in the years date is here knocking. 

I personally like to see each part of the year that is passing us as a lesson, the good and the bad bits.   Keeping a slightly positive mind and thinking about all the things we should be grateful for really helps.

I can honestly say that I am grateful for everything in 2019, for my beautiful clients that I wake up looking forward to catching up with, for our genuine care and respect for each other and for the amazing way that my showroom has blossomed into her own.  She will continue to take shape and be a special place for not only me but for each and everyone of you that visits us and sips tea with me!

All My Love For 2020

Maria xo

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