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Where Have I Been I Hear You Asking??

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Its well into the year, one month almost down and while you might think that I have been taking a leave of absence, a month off….. I wish!!!  Those of you that know me better than that know that I love my work, I even work on holidays, thats my life, I am happy with it that way.

I did spend a few days in Byron Bay, and yes I had to take all my stock just to fill any online orders and no I didn’t mind in the least.  I finished a book and took some time to draw a few new jewellery designs for my next range.  I emailed stockists and put together some great little workshops that you are all going to love, and I even started to input my inventory list into Xero!  That was my 5 days away and it was perfect.

I really want to say to you all, that if you went back to work this year full of dread or regret in your heart and your head,  then please please realise that life is just to damn short to wake up and feel that way everyday.   You can do something you love, take some time to feel what that might be, make a plan and spend hours reading, planning and googling your dream.

Another part of my little workshop plans coming up in the next few months is where I will share with you the ins and outs of some business ideas you might have, where to start, who to ask and even some inspiration and ideas for current business owners.  So get that journal, make some notes and email me some questions that you might like to have covered in one of these workshops.

Make sure you are signed in to my list of peeps who will receive all the details!

Chat soon,  Maria xo

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