Birth Of Chasing Mavis Blog

I am so bloody excited to introduce you to my new blog and please forgive me if I ever send you a typo and you see the word bog instead of blog.  It happens to me constantly and I always burst out laughing, then seriously toy with the idea of leaving it like that. Heck I even struggle to say the 2 words in a sentence, blog post without saying bog plost.  Clearly not a great thought posting your bog…. Who the hell came up with that name for it by the way ??!!!  I quite like the name journal but thats not very online of me is it?

 Okay so apologies in advance taken care of… tick, now back to business!  My Chasing Mavis Blog Series (sounds like a Netflix gig) so officially welcome. 

My very own little platform to pen pieces of useful, weird and wonderful stories, challenges, Greek Recipes and other bloggy or boggy (which ever way you look at it) kinds of stuff.  I do promise to make it a meaningful and honest journey at all times, regularly tarnished with my poor humour/swearing so best you don't follow this if you don't get me. 

What a decision I have in front of me, deciding on what to post first so much I need to tell you…

Oh wait this is my first post, righto I guess I have nailed that then.  I will keep it short and sweet then as this is my first post, I sincerely hope you enjoy whats coming your way.

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  • Bek

    Oh cute! I love the bog post…I’m forever putting my foot in my mouth and look forward to seeing more posts from u! X

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